FAIREY Curtiss Reed AVRO ANSON Airplane Propeller

$8500.00 (SOLD)


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What you see is not an illusion. This is a rare 1920's / 1930's Fairey-Reed Airplane propeller. This propeller flew on real airplanes like the Avro Anson 1 Warbird and was powered by a 350HP Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah 1X Engine.

MANUFACTURER OF PARTS | Fairey Aviation Company and the great aviation designer Sylvanus Reed

PROPELLER | absolutely amazing . This propeller has been high polished to a mirror finish. Extremely rare. We have never seen one before!

MEASUREMENTS | Total length of propeller 78 inches.
Weighs approximately 35 lbs.

Once Flew on ... Avro Anson 1 Warbird